The Asset Trading Program (ATP) was created to benefit underfunded law enforcement agencies by utilizing their forfeited-seized assets, and surplus law enforcement equipment in trade to provide funds for new equipment or training.

Use your agencies surplus vehicles, ammo, weapons, confiscated items, and forfeited-seized assets to fund your critical mission. The ATP is designed to assist first responders in having a positive impact on their communities without using money from strained budgets.

Benefits to the agency include:
  • The agency gets the benefit of the asset sale. No funds from asset trade end up in the jurisdiction "general" fund unless desired.
  • Trading assets into the Asset Trade Program have no impact on agency budget.
  • Helps accomplish agency goals without procurement hassles.
  • Removes the liability of ownership for some assets such as theft, personal injury or property damage.
  • Frees up budget funds for other projects.
  • Cleans up storage areas and parking lots of underused or unused items.
How it works:
  • Identify your items that are available for trade.
  • Contact the ATP at and ATP will generate a project and have you provide the details about your existing assets, and in turn will provide a no obligation trade value for your items.
  • If you agree with and accept the trade offer then the ATP will arrange to have your assets transferred and provide a credit voucher, which can be redeemed immediately or saved like a bank account for a future transactions.
  • When you are ready to redeem your credit for new equipment or training simply identify your agency's needs and either obtain a quote directly from the supplier and forward to ATP or contact ATP to discuss your needs and ATP will contact the supplier(s) and get the quote(s) and if appropriate place an order.  The new equipment will be delivered directly to your agency, or if your need is training then it will be scheduled.
One of the best benefits of the program is that the ATP partners with vendors to gain additional buying power so your money potentially goes even further. You can check out the companies that are registered in the program by clicking Vendor Partners or on the menu above.
Our main partner in training is the Government Training Institute (GTI), and if you use your credit to purchase training through them or to rent their Joint Operations Center, your value is increased by 50%. Your $1000 of credit will get you $1500 worth of training.

If the Asset Trading Program is a funding option of interest, please click on ATP Registration or on the menu above and complete the form or email us directly at to discuss further. There is no cost associated with registration in the program and there is no obligation to use the program or accept any trade offers.

Asset Trading Program - Vendor Brief

Vendors may also utilize the Asset Trading Program to assist funding transactions with agencies that involve their specific products. If an agency desires the vendor's product but needs additional resources to acquire those assets, then the vendor can register with GTI and take advantage of the Asset Trading Program. GTI will assess the available agency assets and assign a purchase value. If the value is agreed to then GTI will purchase the products from the vendor and supply them to the agency via asset transfer. Simple as that!

Vendors must first register with to be involved with the program. There is no cost associated with registration nor does it bind the vendor to run any transactions through the Asset Trading Program. If interested please click ATP Vendor Project or on the menu above and complete the form or email us directly at to discuss further.